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Tools for all your DIY needs:


• Tools: spanners, hammers, etc.
• Includes items such as shovels, spades, and plumbing tools
• Screws, bolts, and fixings
• Building materials, eg. PVA, brick acid, concrete admixture, plasticiser, etc.
• Mortar and grout

Locks & Keys

• Mortice locks, deadlocks
• Key cutting - wide range, eg. cyclinder, mortice, dimple, window keys, FB1 and FB2 keys, etc.
• Euro cylinders
• Key safes
• Padlocks
• Bicycle locks
• Entry fob cloning
• UPVC windows and doors locks and handles


• Copper and brass fittings
• Push fit
• Waste fittings: gutter and underground pipes and fittings
• Shower heads and hoses
• Toilet seats
• Kitchen and basin taps


• Lightbulbs and fluorescent tubes
• Switches and sockets
• Extractor fans
• Lighting accessories, eg. cables, bulb holders, etc.
• PIR sensor lights
• Extension leads and cables
• Doorbells
• Wide range of batteries
• Fuses
• Fans and electric heaters
• Boiling rings
• Camping stoves

Painting & Decorating

• Indoor and outdoor paint
• Wide range of paintbrushes and rollers
• Wall and wood fillers
• Silicone and construction adhesive
• Wood stain, varnish, and polish
• Sugar soap


• Door handles and knobs
• Screws, bolts, and fixings
• Wide range of hinges
• Doorstoppers and closers
• Door bolts and gate hooks
• Wide range of casters and wheels
• Clothes hooks and rails
• Wide range of brackets and braces


• Wide range of HG cleaning products
• Cleaning chemicals (caustic soda, citric acid, soda crystals, spirit of salt, etc.)
• Rags and microfibre cloths
• Mops and buckets
• Indoor and outdoor brooms
• Toilet brushes and plungers
• Pest control (insecticides and pesticides)


• Kitchenware: pots, pans, cutlery, toasters, weighing scales, dishware, tumblers, wine glasses, teapots, kitchen utensils, kettles, etc.
• Irons and ironing boards
• Shopping trolleys
• Umbrellas
• Hot water bottles
• Dog and bird food
• Doormats and runners


• Garden tools: hedge sheers, scissors, pruners, trowels, rakes, etc.
• Compost and fertilisers
• Plant pots
• Garden insecticides
• Weed killers
• Garden hoses and watering cans
• Sprayers

Car Accessories

• Screen wash
• De-icers
• T-cuts and polishes
• Jump leads and starts
• Car wash and wax
• Wiper blades
• Air compressors
• Air fresheners
• Motor oil
• Engine additive
• Car tools: spark plugs, wheel wrenches, etc.
• Number plates

Seasonal Items

• Sukkot items: ropes, pulleys, and fixings; timber, cable ties, extension leads, tarpaulin, ground covering, outdoor lighting, doormats
• Passover items: wide range of cleaning products, incinerators, lighting fluid and blocks, blech, wire mesh, fridge magnets, tea lights, folding table and table clips, disposable kitchenware, sticky back plastic, chafing fuel
• Christmas items: lighting, decorations, Santa hats, garlands, tinsel, wrapping paper, crackers, fresh indoor winter plants
• Bedding plants
• Fresh flowers

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