Gas Orders

We supply gas cylinders. Please phone us since stock is not held at our retail premises. We will confirm stock levels and collection date when you phone.
Gas orders are not confirmed unless you phone the shop and speak to someone.
Gas collection on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays only. Collection date will be confirmed at the time of order.

Please note all gas sales are cash only.

If you have come through a link from the Adams Gas website, please note our prices differ and include 20% VAT. Cylinder deposits have 0% VAT.

Recently gas prices have become volatile. Please phone the shop to confirm prices and stock.

We will ask you to fill in a form (button below) and show ID. This is to confirm that you have read the safety information below.

Images of cylinders and sizes

Associated charges and purchases:

Premium Helium Filler - £72
Basic Helium Balloon Filler - £36
• Can also be rented for £4.00/ day, with £36 deposit and get unused days back (max 9 days rental)
Argon Regulator - £45
Oxygen Regulator - £45
CO2 Regulator - £45
Nitrogen Regulator - £45

Damage to cylinder - loss of deposit
Damage to valve - £18
Damage to valve guard - £18
Damage to balloon inflator - loss of deposit

Services we offer :
Helium balloon filling on premises (depending on size of balloon)
• Note: we fill a minimum of £5 worth of helium. You can supply your own balloons, however please bring an unopened packet and description so we can estimate the amount of gas to fill and charge appropriately.
8g balloon weights - 20p
Balloon string - 10p
Balloon clip (latex balloon) - 5p

24 hour hour turn around on Sodastream (typically £8.50), paintball cartridge filling (depending on volume) - both off-premises fill

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