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Gas Supplies

We can supply gas cylinders. Please phone us since stock is not held at our retail premises, gas can be obtained for next day,
make sure you leave your name and telephone number so we can confirm stock before you start your journey, you must tell us when you intend to collect!!


You will be requested to fill in a form and possibly show ID, just to confirm you have read safety stuff (MSDS- at foot of page)

Gas we stock;
The prices are correct as of 05/06/2022, however they may change, upto date prices on phone or at shop

Gas Volume + pressure        Order Code          use Gas Price Refundable
Cylinder Deposit***
Total (gas+deposit) Refill only (exchange cylinder)
5% CO2/ Argon 20L, 200bar A01 MIG welding upto 6mm Steel 85 80 165 85

10L, 200bar A02
52 55 107 52

2L, 200bar A03
20% CO2/ Argon 20L, 200bar B01 MIG welding over 5mm steel 85 80 165 80

10L, 200bar B02
52 55 107 52

2L, 200bar B03

Argon 20L, 200bar C01 TIG welding,double glazing,neon sign, wine storage 116 80 196 116

10L, 200bar C02
78 55 133 78

2L, 200bar C03
Oxygen 20L, 200bar D01 Heating, cutting, welding, fish keep, farming 85 80 165 85

10L, 200bar D02
52 55 107 52

2L, 200bar D03
25 52
Nitrogen (oxygen free) 20L, 200bar E01 air conditioning, tyres, food preservation, paint ball 73
80 153

10L, 137bar E02
 48 55 93 48

2L, 200bar E03
23 25 48 23
Helium 20L, 200bar F01 Balloon filling 226 80 306 226

9.4L, 137bar F02
113 55 168 113

2L, 200bar F03
25 76
Carbon Dioxide 6.35kg G01 Gas take off - MIG, hydroponics, horticulture 35
55 90

3.15kg G02 Gas take off - MIG, hydroponics, horticulture 24 55 79 24

1.5kg G03 Gas take off - MIG, hydroponics, horticulture 19 25 44 19
Carbon Dioxide 15kg H01 Liquid take off - Drinks dispense 60
80 140

6.35kg H02 Liquid take off - Drinks dispense 35 55 90 35

3.15kg H03


1.5kg H04 Liquid take off - Drinks dispense 19
25 44
30 / 70 Mix CO2/ Nitrogen 20L, 200bar K01 Bitters and Guiness 48
80 128

10L, 200bar K02
55 86

2L, 200bar K03
25 47
60 / 40 Mix CO2/ Nitrogen 20L, 180bar L01 Largers and Ciders 48
80 128

10L, 180bar L02
55 86

2L, 180bar L03
25 47

There are no rental charges on our cylinders, all you pay is a deposit. so for example if you kept a cylinder for a year and returned it (undamaged), all you pay for is the gas.
A good example is that if you have 3 birthdays in the year you decide to get a 9.4L Helium tank: pay the deposit (£55) and gas charge for 9.4L helium (£96.00) and either buy (£30) or rent a helium inflator (£3/day)
you use it for Johns birthday in April, Marys birthday in June and Boris' party in November, thats about 150 10" balloons in total
you could rent the inflator for 1 day each time so all you end up paying on return of the undamaged cylinder is £96.00 (cost of gas)+£9 (3 days of renting inflator) thats about 70p per balloon
of course if you buy the inflator you can fill balloons if and when required

Regulators to buy

Basic Helium Balloon Inflator** £36
Argon Regulator £42
Oxygen Regulator £42
CO2 Regulator £42

**can also be rented for £4.00/ day , all you pay is a £36 deposit and get unused days back (max 9 days rental)

***other charges:- damage to cylinder=loss of deposit, damage to valve=£18, damage to valve guard=£18, damage to balloon inflator= loss of deposit

Services we offer are Helium balloon filling on premises (depending on size of balloon, eg. 18inch foil £1, 7 inch latex 50p) note: we fill a minimum of £5 worth of helium (eg 5x 18inch foil balloon)
You can supply your own balloons, however please bring an unopened packet and description so we can estimate the amount of gas to fill and charge appropriately
8g balloon weights - 20p, balloon string 10p, balloon clip (latex balloon) 5p

24 hour hour turn around on Sodastream (typically £8.50), paintball cartridge filling (depending on volume) both off premises fill

Delivery charges: £7-10 scheduled evening delivery(after 6pm), £12-15 next day evening delivery(after 6pm), collection from shop no delivery charges
Delivery postcodes: NW4,NW7,NW9,NW11,N2,N3,N12,N20, HA1,HA2,HA3,HA5,HA8,HA9,WD6,EN2,EN4,EN5,EN6
these postcodes are a rough guide please enquire, if outside these areas please enquire

****TRADE PRICES- please enquire*****

gas bottles

typical 2litre bottle typical 2 litre / 1.5kg cylinder
typical 3.15kg CO2 cylindertypical 3.15kg CO2 cylinder

typicial 9 litre bottletypical 9.4/ 10L/ 6.35kg cylinder

Typical 20L cylinderTypical 20L/ 15kg cylinder
Errors and omissions excepted (E&OE)